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The History of Yoga – part II

Continued on the History of Yoga. Follow below. Samkhya – A philosophy originating approximately 3,000 years ago that influenced all other Yoga traditions that came after. Jnana Yoga. Spiritual path as a science of describing the nature of the universe and mind This philosophy sees itself as the mother of science; The concepts of avidya, […]

A Yoga New Year’s Resolution

Patanjali Yoga Sutras 1.1 is “atha yoga anuśāsanam” Therefore, (when the student is prepared), instruction in Yoga (begins). The decision to begin the Yoga journey is a crossroads where we choose consciously between ways of doing and being that cause limitation and suffering and the journey of Yoga that leads to greater joy, equanimity and […]

History of Yoga – Part I

Follow below, the chronology of the History of Yoga:   1. Vedic Epoch: five thousand years ago. Mantra yoga 2. Samkhya:  a philosophy that originated approximately three thousand years ago and still influences other yoga traditions that came later. The Origin of Jnana Yoga 3. Epoch of Vedanta: Three thousand years ago. Jnana Yoga, Karma […]

Samkhya Philosophy for Children of all Ages

Once upon a time, there was a planet called Purusha. You could say that Purusha was a perfect place to live; everyone was happy and there was a sense of timelessness and limitlessness. In fact, the people of Purusha were complete in every way. The only problem was that in all that vast kingdom there […]

4th Edition of the Yoga Toolbox for Teachers and Students

What’s Different, What’s New, and How to Get It First published in 2005, the Yoga Toolbox has inspired the practice of countless students and served as an invaluable support for teachers of Yoga.  The focus of the Yoga Toolbox is to present a multi-dimensional approach to the practice of Yoga postures that includes physical health, […]

Yoga and the coronavirus

by Joseph Le Page According to the philosophy of Yoga, prakriti, the material world, exists with the purpose of recognizing purusha, our true Being. In other words, the world is a field of learning that exists for the bloom of our true being as purpose and destiny of our life. If, as Yoga says, the […]