4th Edition of the Yoga Toolbox for Teachers and Students

What’s Different, What’s New, and How to Get It

First published in 2005, the Yoga Toolbox has inspired the practice of countless students and served as an invaluable support for teachers of Yoga. 

The focus of the Yoga Toolbox is to present a multi-dimensional approach to the practice of Yoga postures that includes physical health, balance in the subtle body, psycho-emotional integration and spiritual awakening. 

This new edition has been completely updated, with refinements in the instructions, new modifications, and a streamlined design.  

Our most exciting news is that the Yoga Toolbox has gone digital! You can now access all of the book’s content in videos through the Yoga Toolbox app.

More than 1,000 videos are available: 

Introductory information for each posture, with Sanskrit meaning, essential quality,      affirmation asana symbolism, benefits for each kosha and contraindications; 

Instructions for how to perform each posture, with cues that guide the physical alignments as well as the exploration of the more subtle dimensions; 

Modifications and variations for each posture; 

Complete 60-minute Integrative Yoga practices for levels I, II and III; 

Warm-up exercises, including a somatic sequence, sun and moon salutations and more.

The hard copy of the new edition of the Yoga Toolbox is already available on our site.

The digital information will be available for download by March 1st!

How to access the Yoga Toolbox App

To access the Yoga Toolbox app, go to page 1 of the book and get your access code by scratching off the sticker. Then, download the app from the website iytyogatherapy.com and register.

You will also be able to access the videos and a full electronic version of the Yoga Toolbox from your computer, on iytyogatherapy.com, using the same access code from the front cover of your book.


6 replies
  1. Kerri says:

    Hi. I have one of the early versions of the Teacher Toolbox. I left my book in the US as I am living abroad and it’s simply too much to carry books around with me. I am interested in a 100% digital version that I can have access to from anywhere in the world. How can I get the digital version without the physical book?

    Also, I personally would love a digital version of the Hand Mudras as well.. I had to leave that book behind also..

    • Jane Musgrave says:

      Hi Kerri!
      At this point, the only way to get the app and the e-book is to purchase the physical book as well.
      You should be able to get an e-book of “Mudras for Transformation and Healing” through bookbaby.com.
      Thanks for your interest!

    • Jane Musgrave says:

      Hi Helena! That is correct, you’ll need to buy the whole package in order to get the app with the 1,000 videos and the e-book.

      Thanks for your interest.

  2. Francesca says:

    Tried to buy but got errors on the order. Happened twice. First one I canceled the second shows as “Failed”. Any help would be great!

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