Integrative Yoga was founded by Joseph Le Page in 1993 with the intention to promote health and wellness at all dimensions of being through Yoga. The focus of Integrative Yoga is to create Yoga materials and methodologies that present this ancient science in a way that is clear and accessible so that the student experiences Yoga directly, rather than theoretically.

These materials and methodologies are oriented toward student-centered learning so that each individual is able to access the material in a way that is appropriate and optimal for their needs. This allows for the cultivation of health and healing in all dimensions of being – physical, energetic, psycho-emotional and spiritual. This allows students to deepen the journey of self-knowledge, which naturally contributes to the optimization of physical health and also a greater alignment with the true Self.

Integrative Yoga is based at the Enchanted Mountain Yoga Center in Garopaba, Santa Catarina (Brazil), one of the largest Yoga retreat centers in South America.


Through this methodology, students are able to naturally integrate the philosophical content into their daily lives, expanding their understanding of Yoga beyond the classroom, thereby dissolving limiting and restrictive patterns of behavior and belief at the level of body, mind and spirit.

Within Integrative Yoga, the fundamental concepts and methodologies of Yoga are presented in profound, and at the same time humorous and participatory ways. The natural environment of Enchanted Mountain Yoga Center, set in the rainforest and near to the sea, creates an ideal setting for optimizing the health of the body, balancing the mind, and the unfolding of our true Being through methods and techniques that embody the tradition of Yoga in a way that allows us to apply these truths in daily living.