Mudras for Spiritual Awakening

Along the spiritual path, we move from the identification with the limited personality to an experience of our limitless true being, from fragmentation to wholeness, from doubt to clarity and from suffering to freedom. Most spiritual traditions present the cultivation of positive qualities as an important support for our spiritual journey. We begin by cultivating these qualities consciously and, as conditioning is released, we gradually come to see that these positive qualities are reflections of our own true being.

The following spiritual qualities have been especially helpful in our own journey toward healing and awakening. Each of these qualities is supported by a specific mudra along with its accompanying inspiration, meditation and affirmation.

  1. Commitment, Sthirata – Making the spiritual journey our first priority.
  2. Openness, Vipulachetana – Gaining a wider, more open perspective of ourselves, life and other people.
  3. Faith, Shraddha – Developing confidence in our true inner being, allowing it to guide our spiritual journey.
  4. Acceptance, Kshanti – Welcoming all that happens in our lives wholeheartedly as a learning and a blessing.
  5. Compassion, Karuna – Recognizing our essential unity with all beings.
  6. Discernment, Viveka – Distinguishing clearly between our limited personality and our limitless true being.
  7. Equanimity, Samatva – Resting in our center securely so that we are not shaken by life’s ups and downs so easily.
  8. Spiritual Energy, Shakti – Cultivating the vitality that supports our spiritual journey.
  9. Self-Mastery, Vashitvam – Releasing identification with our conditioning to become the masters of our own destiny.
  10. Freedom, Moksha – Integrating wisdom and compassion, allowing us to experience the freedom and unity that are the essence of our true being.



By Joseph Le Page and Lilian Aboim
*Introduction of Chapter 15, Mudras for Healing and Transformation