Dr. Ananda Balayogi will present Yoga as a Path of Healing in Brazil.

Yoga as a Path of Healing – DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED

An in-depth understanding of the benefits of Yoga

With Doctor Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani

Doctor Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani is unique among Yoga masters in India today in that he is one of India’s best-known authorities in the field of Yoga therapy and Yoga research as director of CYTER, the Center of Yoga Therapy for Education and Research of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (housing the Mahatma Gandhi Medical College) in Pondicherry, India. Dr. Ananda is also a lineage holder for one of India’s oldest and mostly respected traditions of Yoga, the Gitananda tradition. Gitananda Yoga is a unique synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science, following a tradition of eight Yoga masters reaching back into the 19th century. At the same time, Doctor Ananda’s father, Swami Gitananda Giri, a medical doctor, developed one of India’s most in-depth approaches to all of the Hatha and Raja Yoga sciences including asana, pranayama, mudra and meditation which he brought to the West starting in the 1950’s.

Dr. Ananda has authored 19 DVDs and 23 books on Yoga as well as published more than two hundred and fifty papers, compilations and abstracts on Yoga and Yoga research in National and International Journals. In addition, he is a Classical Indian Vocalist, Percussionist, Music Composer and Choreographer of Indian Classical Dance. He is a Member of the National Board for Yoga in the Ministry of AYUSH (ministry of traditional healing methodologies) of the Government of India and Consultant Yoga Expert for the WHO.

In this unique five-day experience, Doctor Ananda will provide a thorough understanding of Yoga as a path of healing, both at physical and subtle levels. This will be accompanied by experiences of the Yoga techniques from the Gitananda tradition presented by Dr. Ananda and some of his leading students to awaken these benefits. The course will be presented in English with translation into Portuguese.

Focus of the course

  • Understanding the systems of the body from both the Western and Yoga perspective and how Yoga cultivates optimal health. Specific practices from the Gitananda tradition will be given for each system.
  • The special importance of the autonomic nervous system in regulating states of relaxation and how this occurs at a physiological level along with the specific Yoga tools for regulating the nervous system.The special importance of the breath and pranayama for balancing all of the systems of the physical body and purifying the energy channels of the subtle body.
  • Understanding how the subtle systems of the body, including the chakras and pranavayus, function as vehicles for health and healing including specific practices from the Gitananda tradition for each subtle system.
  • Understanding the essence of spirituality within Yoga and its relationship to health and healing along with specific meditations for awakening the spiritual dimension.
  • The importance of sound and music in healing through Indian classical Carnatic vocal music. Doctor Ananda is a master of this art and will present a concert of Carnatic vocal singing.
  • The importance of sacred ritual for health, healing and awakening. Doctor Ananda will perform a fire ceremony for the health and healing of the participants.

The program includes

  • 6 nights of accommodation
  • 3 vegetarian meals daily
  • Daily Yoga and meditation practice with Dr. Ananda or his senior students
  • Morning and afternoon lecture and practice with Dr. Ananda
  • Evening activities with Dr. Ananda, including Indian classical music
  • Transportation from the Florianopolis International Airport to Enchanted Mountain
  • Tour of the local area and beaches on Sunday the 25th

* No Brazilian visa is needed for US or Canadian citizens

Course fee + Accommodation per person

Triple room – $ 895.00

Double room – $ 995.00

Single room – $1095.00

Students are invited to arrive on Saturday, 24th of October, in order to rest before the program begins on the evening of the 25th. A tour of the beautiful coastal village of Garopaba during the day on Sunday the 25th is included in your package.

$ 100.00 is paid at the time of registration. The balance is paid on your credit card at the retreat site.

Enchanted Mountain Yoga Festival – Friday, October 30th to Monday, November 2nd * date might suffer some changes due to the Coronavirus pandemic

Following Dr. Ananda’s program, there will be a three-day Yoga Festival at Enchanted Mountain during which Dr. Ananda will be the keynote speaker and guest of honor. Dr. Ananda’s presentations will be in English with translation in Portuguese. The other presentations and Yoga classes will be in Portuguese.

Festival fee + accommodation + 3 meals per day per person

Triple room – $395.00

Double room – $495.00

For reservations please contact iytyogatherapy@gmail.com