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Module 3: Internship Program


Pre-requisite: Completion of PYT Module 1

The Internship is a 225-hour mentored practicum that will provide practical applications of previously studied material (Module 1 ). Students complete assignments and conduct Yoga therapy sessions with on-going guidance from a mentor (IYT faculty or PYT graduate) through email, phone, and Skype communication.  You can read the Mentor Bios below to help you select a mentor. We do our best to assign the mentor you select but we cannot guarantee it, due to the mentors caseload and schedule.  Beth Gibbs, Director of the Internship program will work with you to assign a mentor that's a good fit.  Read Mentor Bios

During this internship program students will:

  • Complete a minimum of 30 individual Yoga therapy sessions administered on a variety of themes.
  • Develop and teach one 10-week therapeutic yoga program with a special focus group, completed in their own community.
  • Complete written assignments focused on particular themes or aspects of Yoga therapy from the Professional Yoga Therapy manual.

The following is a brief overview of the 10 chapters of study in the mentored internship:

1. What is Yoga Therapy?
Integrating the Five Koshas in the Practice of Yoga therapy; setting the foundation of your journey as a Yoga therapist.

2. Conducting Yoga Therapy Sessions
Designing and implementing sessions with an understanding of the body/mind relationship, with a multidimensional emphasis that meets the current needs of clients.

3. Yoga, Health, and Healing
Stress, disease, health, and healing as it applies to concepts of separation and unity, in theory and in practice.

4. Yoga and Ayurveda
Applying Samkhya philosophy and the Ayurvedic doshas and gunas as tools for creating balance at all levels of one's being.

5. Systems of the Body
A view of Yoga through the systems of the body, including common health conditions, benefits, and contraindications, with a specific foucs on how the systems are impacted by stress.

6. Kinesiology: Anatomy and Physiology of Movement
Applying the tools of Yoga to musculoskeletal issues, with an emphasis on flexibility, structural balance, stabilization, and strength.

7. Evaluation Tools: Reading the Body as a Whole
Students utilize existing and create new evaluation forms/tools to assist in assessing their clients through the eyes of the Five Koshas. This information is integrated into care plans.

8. Pranayama, Pranavidya and Mudra: Healing with Breath and Energy
An exploration of the role of Prana in the healing process and how to utilize the various tools of Yoga to support optimal flow of Prana.

9. The Chakra System: Healing through the Chakras
Deeping awareness of subtle body anatomy and its relationship to health and healing.

10. Meditation, Guided Imagery, and Yoga Nidra: Exploring Health at the Deepest Level
Understanding the fundamentals of and application of meditation, guided imagery, and Yoga Nidra.



What Students Are Saying

"The PYT internship program was truly an experiential journey. With guidance from my mentor, I worked with different phases of yoga therapy through actual experience. The chapters are comprehensive and many assignments are given to experience the subject matter. Through group and individual sessions with a particular focus I gained the knowledge, experience and confidence to move forward. All of the session reports were easily submitted though the IYT website. My mentor would receive them and we would have phone conversations periodically to discuss them. The manual is a fabulous resource for use in the future. The program really gave me the confidence to start my own yoga business. Certification gave me the knowledge, but the internship gave me the needed experience. I’m now teaching yoga to general groups as well as providing yoga therapy to clients in our local counseling center. I primarily work with groups that have anxiety, addictions, and depression. In the future I may be teaching yoga to an after school program to elementary school children provided by the counseling center. Teaching students and clients to get connected with their bodies, minds and spirituality is quite a rewarding experience. Most students experience that “aha” moment and realize how the yoga therapy is really benefiting them. The tools that I teach them through asana, pranayama, mudras, the chakra system and koshas are ingrained forever. We truly have the tools to heal ourselves and my internship gave me the confidence to teach others. I still remember Joseph saying, “teach them some of what they want and some of what they need.” With that formula the clients stay happy and stick with the program."
-Nancy T.


"Having a mentored internship was absolutely invaluable to keep me on track with my studies. So often, I had questions that could be discussed every month with my mentor so I fully understood mudras, how asanas affect the body’s systems, use of various pranayamas, etc. Just reading the materials would have been attempting to learn in somewhat of a vacuum. In particular, I was able to consult with my mentor as I worked with private clients and she gave me the confidence to teach from the heart supported by growing knowledge. Having a mentor hold me to task meant that I did not shortcut my learning process in any way. Her non-judgmental feedback on my papers, class notes etc. invited me to take a broader perspective than I would have had I been moving through the teachings alone. The mentor experience was so important to the deepening of my own practice as she guided me through learning to feel emotions and sensations in my own body and how to encourage that awareness in my clients and students. I cannot imagine completing such substantive learning solely on my own without the experience and guidance of a practiced teacher and yoga therapist."
-Debra C.


"Everything was very important but especially the spiritual growth, anatomy and therapy was excellent! Whenever a doubt, questions were answered in a very satisfactory way. I absolutely loved it!"
-Suzette G.


" I chose to complete the 1000 hour internship program with IYT because of the depth, diversity, organizational structure, and the support/mentoring that was available throughout the program. Each chapter is effectively organized to provide a deeper cognitive knowledge of therapeutic yoga principles and then provides questions and exercises that allow the therapeutic practitioner to easily apply that knowledge working with clients. Each chapter builds skills that are used in the following chapters, so at the program completion the IYT has a wealth of experience and practical application of the knowledge. The program not only provided further development and expertise in working with the physical body, but more importantly provided an in depth understanding of the relationship and interactions of the physical, energetic, mental/emotional and wisdom bodies. The program provides specific tools to allow the therapeutic practitioner to work safely and effectively in the energetic and mental/emotional/wisdom bodies, which is where most clients need the integrated guidance. Perhaps even more important than the skills learned to work with others, was a deepening of my own practice. With my own growth I find I have developed more wisdom and intuition which allows me to better assess and help my clients."
-Bobbi L.


"As I contemplated stepping out into the world as a Yoga Therapist I was awe-struck by a deep sense of responsibility to my clients and to myself. How was I, realistically, going to manage the continuation of a 5000 year-old lineage with integrity, honesty and joy? I felt a profound sense of relief when I realized that my mentor was there to guide me through just this sort of inquiry. In addition to her assistance with the nuts and bolts of planning sessions and classes, finding a venue for classes, engaging friends and family to be with me on the journey as clients and helpful feedback on the written work, my mentor provided deep emotional and spiritual support. Her own experience enabled her to help me when I got stuck and to guide me to resources for further learning when that was appropriate. Most of all, though, she provided inspiration by example in her heartfelt commitment to yoga and to its therapeutic power. I hear her voice many times as I work with clients, guiding me still into the depths of the practice. I will always remember her with gratitude."
-Felice R.


"I found the content of the IYT internship to be the most comprehensive of any yoga therapy training out there. I loved that IYT teaches its students to honour their clients as sophisticated, holistic beings, existing not just on the physical level but on the energetic, spiritual, emotional and intellectual levels (the 5 koshas) as well. The process of working with a mentor meant I received on-going support and feedback on my written work as well as my practicum sessions with clients. My mentor’s wisdom, encouragement and assistance during the IYT process gave me the confidence to work with people who were coping with significant life and health challenges. She always brought me back to the inherent gifts that I, as an individual and a yoga therapist, brought to my clients on their healing journey. Using the IYT program as a foundation, I went on to complete a Master of Arts Degree in Yoga Therapy Studies. My experience in the IYT internship allowed me to transition into the work force with confidence and ease. Today, as a practising yoga therapist in a residential recovery setting for individuals living with mental illnesses, I use the lessons and materials from my IYT internship on a daily basis. It is the program I would recommend to anyone wanting to use yoga as a therapeutic tool for working with others."
-Nicole M.


"IYT has been an amazing, life-changing experience for me. Going through the training's and reading the materials was wonderful, but having a mentor to talk through and help guide me through the process helped me to understand it in real-life applications. My mentor offered me advice and guidance that I couldn't get from a book and her real-life examples helped me understand it further. Without a mentor I think I would have had wonderful knowledge, but would have been lacking in experience and my comfort level would have been low. Each time we talked and went over a chapter, it helped me grow more confident that I was on the right path and was proceeding correctly. The internship was a long process that took me deeper into my practice, deeper into my knowledge of yoga, and deeper into my self. I applaud IYT and their efforts at creating an amazing program. Their process has enabled me to grow as an individual and to truly do great work as a yoga therapist. I am strong, confident and more aware than I would have ever thought possible. Thank you."
- Kristine M.