Get to know the Sangha of Yoga Teachers and Integrative Yogatherapists!

Sangha means “community” and that is exactly the intention of our new association of Teachers and Integrative Yogatherapists.

Through this community, we have the possibility to interact and share about our lives as Yoga Teachers, from questions about the spiritual life to practical questions about how to manage a Yoga study.

The Sangha is anchored by Professor Rosana Reginatto, known and loved by many Integrative Yoga students, who has abundant experience in all areas of Integrative Yoga and Integrative Yogatherapy.

Learn about the benefits for members of the Integrative Teachers and Yogatherapists Sangha:

1. All nucleates receive a 5% discount on all courses promoted by Instituto Yoga Integrativa.

2. All nucleates get a 5% discount on all Integrative Yoga Therapy Publishing products, both retail and wholesale, in addition to the discounts in effect on the date of purchase.

3. All nucleates who refer students to participate in courses earn a credit equivalent to 5% of the total course value. The credits can be used in up to 02 (two) years, from its constitution, in courses offered by the Institute, and can also be donated to third parties.

4. Core members who bring a group to the rental at the Montanha Encantada Yoga Center will receive a 5% discount on the total value of the group rental.

5. All nucleates are guaranteed the possibility of signing up to participate as assistants in Integrative Yoga courses.

6. All nucleates participate annually in a draw for a one-week course enrollment, promoted by Instituto Yoga Integrativa.

7. The Subscriber has access to a closed account on Instagram and in the What’s group, which will be the direct contact channel between everyone.

8. The registrant will have his/her space, name and photo disclosed on our website.

How to participate in the Sangha of Teachers and Integrative Yogatherapists?

All nucleated must contribute with the annuity in the amount of $20.00 (twenty dollars). After paying the annuity for the first year, there are two ways to make this contribution for the other years:

1- The nucleado organizes in its community an annual event to promote Integrative Yoga and Enchanted Mountain. In this event, nucleado offers free Yoga classes to the community and also promotes Integrative Yoga, the Enchanted Mountain and the Healthy Heart program. This event could also be offered by a group of teachers or Yoga therapists, and would be considered valid for all professionals who participate. The event should be promoted on social media and should also be publicized on Instituto Yoga Integrativa’s media.

2- The nucleate must contribute with an annual fee of $20.00 (twenty dollars).

The Integrative Sangha will be very auspicious!

Let’s go together?

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