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Yoga Toolbox for Teachers and Students - Special Offer 10% Discount


These cards were developed to support your personal Yoga practice and also to assist the Yoga teacher in offering clear and concise instructions and language for the Yoga poses. The Toolbox uses a multidimensional approach to teaching asanas, in which the instructions address all levels of being: physical, energetic, psycho-emotional, intuitive and spiritual.

Each of the 75 Yoga posture cards, organized by category, includes the following:

  • Clear instructions encompassing the physical, energetic, psycho-emotional, intuitive and spiritual dimensions.
  • The core quality, the main focus and intention of each pose, with an accompanying affirmation.
  • Benefits and cautions as well as modifications and variations.
  • The symbolism and mythology, showing the origin and deeper meaning of each asana.
  • The systems of the body balanced by each asana organized by order of importance.
  •  The main elements activated by each asana organized by order of importance.
  • The main ayurvedic doshas balanced as well as adjustments for balancing each dosha.
  •  The principal prana vayus balanced by each asana organized by order of importance.
  • The main chakras balanced by each asana organized by order of importance.
  • A calming/energizing scale that shows each asana’s calming or energizing effects.

The introductory section to the Yoga Toolbox includes information on the five koshas, the systems of the body, ayurveda, the chakras, the gunas, the prana vayus, the bandhas and the eight limbs of Yoga. The Toolbox also includes warm-up cards for all areas of the body as well as three complete asana sequences, beginning, intermediate and advanced.

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Product Testimonials

"Joseph's Yoga Teachers' Toolbox is convenient, concise, yet thorough. Each "flashcard" explains which chakras are affected, how to teach the posture, excellent modifications with photos, and these flashcards are easily copied to be carried to class. I can't recommend this toolbox enough. No matter which teacher training you have completed, this will be an excellent resource for beginning and experienced teachers."
- Libby J.

"This book offers a great overview of yoga with easily understandable language and explanations of sanskrit prefixes and words. Because the material is in a three-ring binder, it's easy formulate your own practice by taking the laminated pages out of the binder to use as a guide. Each page offers pictures of the asana, color-coded information about chakras, vayus, etc. On the back of each page is listed exactly how to do the pose and more. Great book!"
- Cynthia L.

 "I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful Toolbox. This book made it possible for me to complete a 200 and 500 hour RYT teaching certification through Yoga Alliance, experience yoga in India, and establish a studio last September. I am still in awe in how you so carefully selected each word and organized the information in such a logical fashion."

- Susan R.

This is a great tool for teachers. The book is a three ring binder that holds removeable cards that can be used for your yoga lessons. Each card contains the posture, the chakras and the prana vayus (just to name a few) that pertains to the posture. Just a great learning tool and very useful!

- Yogini

"Great sequences. Perfect for using in class. Laminated clearly numbered pages, makes for easy reading as well as taking pages out , to take to class. As the pages are laminated and well laid out they do not get damaged. I am studying with the BWY in the UK and have recommended this book to all my fellow students."
- L. Edwards

"I bought this book at the Symposium for Yoga Therapists in January. It has become an invaluable tool as a teacher to help plan classes and look for posture modifications. I would highly recommend this book not just to yoga teachers, but for students looking for a little extra."
- Jennifer D.