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Summer Reading Special


To support your Summer reading and Yoga study, Integrative Yoga is offering a fantastic discount combo for June, July and August only.

Check out this great products with a fantastic combo discount:

- Yoga Toolbox 
- Mudras for Healing and Transformation 
- Mudra Card Deck 
- Chakra Card Posters

Yoga Toolbox for Teachers and Students:

These cards were developed to support your personal Yoga practice and also to assist the Yoga teacher in offering clear and concise instructions and language for the Yoga poses. The Toolbox uses a multidimensional approach to teaching asanas, in which the instructions address all levels of being: physical, energetic, psycho-emotional, intuitive and spiritual.

Each of the 75 Yoga posture cards, organized by category, includes the following:

  • Clear instructions encompassing the physical, energetic, psycho-emotional, intuitive and spiritual dimensions.
  • The core quality, the main focus and intention of each pose, with an accompanying affirmation.
  • Benefits and cautions as well as modifications and variations.
  • The symbolism and mythology, showing the origin and deeper meaning of each asana.
  • The systems of the body balanced by each asana organized by order of importance.
  •  The main elements activated by each asana organized by order of importance.
  • The main ayurvedic doshas balanced as well as adjustments for balancing each dosha.
  •  The principal prana vayus balanced by each asana organized by order of importance.
  • The main chakras balanced by each asana organized by order of importance.
  • A calming/energizing scale that shows each asana’s calming or energizing effects.

The introductory section to the Yoga Toolbox includes information on the five koshas, the systems of the body, ayurveda, the chakras, the gunas, the prana vayus, the bandhas and the eight limbs of Yoga. The Toolbox also includes warm-up cards for all areas of the body as well as three complete asana sequences, beginning, intermediate and advanced.

Mudras for Healing and Transformation 

Mudras for Healing and Transformation is the most complete presentation available on the ancient yogic science of mudra, yogic hand gestures for healing the physical body, balancing the mind and awakening spirit. Mudras for Healing and Transformation includes:
  • Contains one hundred and eight mudras with in depth descriptions, drawings of the mudra.
  • Contains color coded benefits and contra-indications for each mudra.
  • Each mudra is accompanied by a guided meditation that reveals and awakens its essential quality or archetype
  • The appendix includes easy reference tables for each mudra with photographs ideal for use by yoga teachers and therapists.
  • Includes a special section describing the use of mudras to support the effects and benefits of mudras on specific yoga postures.
  • Includes a special section describing the use of mudras to support the effects and benefits of the principal pranayamas.
  • Contains mudra sequences that accompany specific sanskrit mantras including Gayatri
  • Fully illustrated with inspiring water colors by Brazilian artist Sergio Resek.

Mudra Card Deck 

108 beautifully illustrated cards for cultivating health, healing and spiritual awakening. Each card includes instructions, core qualities, benefits, contraindications and affirmations for each gesture. To accompany the best-selling book Mudras for Healing and Transformation. 

Chakra Card Posters

The Chakra Meditation Cards are beautiful, double-sided laminated set of seven cards with a lovely, colorful depiction of each chakra on the front side; the back side of the card contains extensive and indepth information related to the specific chakra on the front of the card.

The large size, 11" x 11", enables the cards to be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used as a healing tool for your personal use; they can be used as a teaching tool in a Yoga class; they can decorate a Yoga room or studio as a poster on the wall or in a picture frame on a desk or shelf; and are perfect as a focus of seated meditation. 

The easy-to-read information on the back of each Chakra card includes:

  • Sanskrit name and Translation
  • Location; color of petals; symbol; and number of petals
  • Relevant mantras, koshas, pranavayus, associated body areas
  • Qualities and challenges associated with each chakra, both physical and psychological
  • Positive and negative archetypes
  • Relationship focus and healing tools
  • Yoga Postures and pranayama
  • Mudras (hand gestures) - clearly illustrated in a photo inset
  • Meditation practice along with accompanying affirmation for each chakra

The Chakra Meditation cards are a handy and easily accessible learning tool and resource guide for anyone interested in exploring the energy centers inside us. The cards offer a beautiful and interesting way to delve more deeply into the fascinating subject of the Chakras. Because the cards are printed and then laminated on a sturdy cover stock, they are strong and durable so that they will stand up to regular use. They also make a wonderfully inexpensive and thoughtful gift for someone who has an interest in Yoga.