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Poster Series: 4 Posters - Special Offer 25% Discount


Each poster in the IYT series is beautifully presented with lovely illustrations and vibrant colors that make the posters visually strong and appealing to the eye.  Each poster is approximately 15 x 22 inches. The posters have heavy duty lamination which makes them durable for many uses. Whether to adorn your walls or to be transported from home to studio, they will still look new with repeated use.

The chakras are the centers of vital energy in the body responsible for balance at all levels of Being; physical, psychological, and spiritual.  Each chakra opens us to a different dimension of our Being. The Seven Chakras poster details a beautiful and vibrant color image of each chakra, along with the Sanskrit nam, bija mantra, earth element, main areas influenced and more.

Unity is our true nature, and each of the kleshas is a pointer toward Unity.  The 5 Kleshas poster charts how ignorance and distorted thinking can create stress and related illnesses. It is window into how we can save ourselves and others from chronic stress and the disorders that follow. 

The koshas are the facets or levels of human being.  They form a road map for the journey of self-discovery. The Five Koshas poster relates these levels to chakra and earth energies, their relationship to health, and how Yoga can help to create balance in each.

The Sun Salutation Poster is a complete illustration of this core asana practice. Both the Sanskrit and English language names of the poses are provided, along with a detailed description of the vinyasa or flow practice for each pose. Also given are Sanskrit mantras, suitable for repetition with the poses, and the English language translations of these adoring words. This poster is not only a lovely depiction of the radiant energetic health this practice creates, but it is also a valuable learning tool.

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