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Level One Yoga Class DVD - Special Offer 25% Discount


Enjoy a gentle, 75-minute IYT yoga class, led by Joseph Le Page and Cheri Clampett. The class includes body and breath awareness, plenty of warm-ups, and a good selection of basic yoga asanas, or postures. The emphasis is on building stability and strength, as well as improving flexibility and relaxation. This is a good class for beginners. The video was shot outdoors overlooking the beautiful Trinity River in northern California.

Click to preview Introduction Featuring Joseph & Cheri
Click to preview Chapter 7 Triangle Pose Posture


"I currently have over 130 pieces of yoga media but this practice, Level One Yoga Class, is my most used yoga DVD in my collection.  A practice that begins where it ends, in savasana, it leaves me feeling gently worked while helping me to increase my flexibility and strength.  The steady pace, calming instruction from Joseph, and warmth of Cheri on screen helps me to tune in to my body and get so much more out of the postures.  It’s one long, luxurious meditation in breath and I absolutely adore this practice!"
- Tiffany C.

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