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Healing Tools 3 CD Set - Special Offer 25% Discount


This three CD set includes four guided meditations and two yoga classes. Each 30-minute experience is specifically focused on supporting physical, psychological, and spiritual healing. 

CD #1
Side A: Healing through the Chakras
This powerful journey through the energy centers of the body taps their potential directly as a source of healing. 
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Side B: Healing through the Breath
All dimensions of the breath are brought together to create renewed energy and healing in every part of your being.
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CD #2 
Side A: Healing through Vision Quest
Journey to discovery your life's purpose and the healing that comes from connecting to your true Self. 

Side B: Healing the Heart
Journey deep into the heart of healing, where emotional holding is released, allowing for the experience of openness and joy, which is our essential nature.


CD #3
Side A: Energizing Yoga
A 30-minute yoga class ideal for creating vitality, and yet gentle enough for most students. This program builds strength and facilitates breathing. 

Side B: Relaxing and Restorative Yoga
This 30-minute class focuses on the restoring and relaxing effects of yoga. Both sides include guided imagery and affirmations to enhance the healing process, and can be used together as an hour long class.


Product Testimonials 

"I received the products and I don't know when I've been so excited about receiving something. Everything is just beautiful and filled with such important knowledge. Amazing resources to have in my possession. I am so grateful for the work that Joseph and Lilian have accomplished. My abilities to communicate with my students in a more powerful way are going to grow immensely. I love the chakra cards and the audio is so beautiful I can't wait to use it in my class. Thank you and thank Joseph."
- Suzen G.

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