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Chakra Card Posters (Set of 7) - Special Offer 25% Discount


The Chakra Meditation Cards are beautiful, double-sided laminated set of seven cards with a lovely, colorful depiction of each chakra on the front side; the back side of the card contains extensive and indepth information related to the specific chakra on the front of the card.

The large size, 11" x 11", enables the cards to be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used as a healing tool for your personal use; they can be used as a teaching tool in a Yoga class; they can decorate a Yoga room or studio as a poster on the wall or in a picture frame on a desk or shelf; and are perfect as a focus of seated meditation. 

The easy-to-read information on the back of each Chakra card includes:

  • Sanskrit name and Translation
  • Location; color of petals; symbol; and number of petals
  • Relevant mantras, koshas, pranavayus, associated body areas
  • Qualities and challenges associated with each chakra, both physical and psychological
  • Positive and negative archetypes
  • Relationship focus and healing tools
  • Yoga Postures and pranayama
  • Mudras (hand gestures) - clearly illustrated in a photo inset
  • Meditation practice along with accompanying affirmation for each chakra

The Chakra Meditation cards are a handy and easily accessible learning tool and resource guide for anyone interested in exploring the energy centers inside us. The cards offer a beautiful and interesting way to delve more deeply into the fascinating subject of the Chakras. Because the cards are printed and then laminated on a sturdy cover stock, they are strong and durable so that they will stand up to regular use. They also make a wonderfully inexpensive and thoughtful gift for someone who has an interest in Yoga.

Product Testimonials

"I received the products and I don't know when I've been so excited about receiving something. Everything is just beautiful and filled with such important knowledge. Amazing resources to have in my possession. I am so grateful for the work that Joseph and Lilian have accomplished. My abilities to communicate with my students in a more powerful way are going to grow immensely. I love the chakra cards and the audio is so beautiful I can't wait to use it in my class. Thank you and thank Joseph."
- Suzen G.

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